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For this case we have that by definition, if we want to find (f o g) (x) we must replace g (x) in f (x), on the contrary, if we want to find (g o f) (x) we must replace f (x) in the function g (x).


Thus, the expression that is equal to (f o g) (x) is, or 20x (to the second power) - 1

Option A

20x (to the second power) - 1

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(f o g)(x)=  

stick g(x) in for x in the function f(x)

(f o g)(x)= 4(g(x)) -1

               =4*5x^2 -1

            = 20x^2 -1

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I believe it is 60-10=x because it says she purchased it with 60$ but recieved 10$ in change causing the amount we dont know to be a variable such as "x"
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its 60-10+x why, because she bought the dress with $60 and she received $10 dollars back. We don't know the variable.

Step-by-step explanation:

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